Important Information for Your Visit

We are taking precautions to ensure your visit to the Focus on Fibre Art Studio is safe. All event participants in any FFAA-sponsored visit are required to complete our Health Checklist  24 hours prior to your visit, as required by Alberta Health Services (AHS). Please delay your visit if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or are not feeling well.

Focus on Fibre Art Association is a not-for-profit association that provides opportunities to members and member organizations for engagement with the larger fibre arts community. We offer workshops and events that promote skill development, and we host competitions and exhibitions that showcase the creativity of fibre artists.

For more information see our About Us page or read our newsletter.

2020 Meetings

The next General Meeting will be Sunday, November 15, 2020 at 1 pm via Zoom. The agenda and join up details will be sent via email by the FFAA Secretary 21 days before the meeting. A Special Resolution to revise the Bylaws will be discussed and voted on at this meeting. All members are encouraged to participate.

Focus on Fibre Art Studio

Read about our newly-opened studio/gallery space under the new FFA Studio menu.

Upcoming virtual workshops, meetings, sew days, and casual meet-ups for member guilds in the FFA Studio are listed on a new Events page.

New Opportunity for Member Guilds

The Focus on Fibre Art Studio is now available for use by members and member guilds. Under our arrangement with ACUA, FFAA is managing the west half as a studio/gallery with a kitchenette and washroom. The studio/gallery can easily accommodate up to 12 people for fibre art activities and meetings while practicing COVID-19 physical distancing guidelines and protocols. 

The Studio is available most months to member guilds at no cost, based on the number of members in each guild: under 100 members, 1 day/month; 101-149 members, 1.5 days/month; 150 members and up, 2 days/month. Bookings may be made in 2-hour increments depending on availability. To book the Studio for your guild activities, contact Arlene via email at studio@focusonfibreart.org.

In addition to Studio bookings, we invite members to showcase their fibre art work in our Gallery which has about 40 running feet of wall space with a modern installation system. Bookings for display space can be made for a period of one month for each member or member guild. Contact Arlene at studio@focusonfibreart.org for more information. There number of available dates is limited so book early to secure your preferred dates and times.

Member Guild Meeting Dates & Times

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FFAA activities are supported by grants from AFA and from funds raised through AGLC.