2016 My Heritage Competition – Gallery of Winners



Best of Show

Sampler Pillow

by Elena Zabolotnii







East Coast of Canada

by Vicki Robson






Mixed Media


by Heather Grover 







Soft Sculpture

When Housework Controlled the Weather

by Lena Breijer








Echoes of 1860

by Elizabeth Holinaty






Sampler Pillow

both by Elena Zabolotnii 







Traditional Rug Hooking

Baba and Beets

by Cec Caswell 








Well Worn Truth &
Well Worn – Winter Evening (diptych)

by Sharon Rubuliak






Hand Knitting

Eliza Jane

by Arlene Tomnuk







Textile Design

Free Yardage

by Karen King








Beauty Found

by Donna Clement





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See detail photos of the winners and all the entries in the 2016 My Heritage Competition in the 2016 My Heritage Catalogue (PDF document 58MB).