Take a Ride on the Marrakech Express! July 10-12 2017

Take a ride on the Marrakech Express!

Imagine the freedom of hooking on a blank canvas, with just an idea in your mind and no lines to restrict you or limit new ideas as the work progresses.  Freestyle.

Taking inspiration from Moroccan Boucherouite rugs, we will incorporate simple tribal motifs into free-form geometric designs that can be intentionally asymmetrical and perfectly imperfect. Use a quick paper sketch to guide your work at the start and enjoy watching the design evolve as you work from one end of your rug across to the other. It’s a great opportunity to play with colours and use up lots of leftover bits – it doesn’t matter if you ‘run out’ (and often makes it more interesting to have an unplanned or random colour change!)

Like their woven counterparts, we will work in straight lines, hooking on the grain.  Progress will be swift on the Marrakech Express!

8 cut or larger recommended.

Please Bring….

Backing: My preference is rug warp, but really whatever you like best will work just fine. Bring a piece a bit bigger than you think you will need.

Frame: if possible, bring a frame that allows Wool: a large variety, but not necessarily large amounts of any one piece. Variation makes things more interesting all around. Make sure you have lights, mediums and dark values – otherwise it will be challenging to create defined patterns and motifs.

Hook: make sure you bring a hook that works for your chosen cut size + backing combination.

Cut: I used all #8 cut, and recommend this is the smallest you consider using (i.e. #8+ ). Don’t forget to bring your cutter and you to get your backing super-tight. This will make it easier for you to hook in straight rows and create patterns

Design Ideas: come with some quick sketches of your ideas or come with nothing, it doesn’t matter either way.

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