Guidelines for Artist Statements

Artist’s Statement

An Artist’s Statement of 100 words or less to include the inspiration for the design, the relationship to the theme, the story of the piece.  Credit should be given to the author, teacher, and artists etc. who inspired the work and to anyone participating in the execution of the work. Construction details including materials and techniques, finished dimensions in centimeters (width and height and depth if 3D), pattern information and consent from other sources if applicable. Completion month and year must be stated.

Artist’s statement, in full or in part may be used in promotion and display.

Entries will be selected based on the Artist’s Statement and the quality of the submitted images.

Please include artist’s statement along with your digital image. This will be displayed with your piece.

Note: Artist’s Statement and pictures will be published in our catalogue. Each artist will receive a complimentary copy of this catalogue, if you require more copies, please request.



Sample Artist’s Statement

The Other Side of the Road

In my recent work I have been exploring the combination of the conventional and aerial view of the landscape.  The scene at the top is a typical view of a wide prairie field.  This is combined with geometric shapes at the bottom that represent an abstracted aerial view of croplands.  The prairie was surveyed into squares before being farmed by settlers and this has created patterns in the land.

Inspiration: road side and aerial pictures of the Alberta prairies.

Techniques: Painted background, machine embroidery, paper mache geometric fields, .

Materials: Acrylic paint, cotton canvas, cotton and rayon thread, paper mache fields.

Original 16” by 36” picture completed in December 2013.

Fall Fall Beautiful Fall

Fall is my favorite time of the year so I need a jacket to represent that.  I used a jacket pattern by Andrea Steell of Calgary for the basic shape and construction and then I played.  The result is a one of a kind jacket showcasing all my favourite fall colours and finishing techniques.

Inspiration: the lovely colours of fall

Techniques: piecing, machine and hand embroidery, gold foiling,

Materials: cotton and velvet fabric, cotton and rayon threads, gold foil, findings.

Adapted 30” by 35” (size 14) jacket completed in September 2014.



Photographs for our Competitions

Prints, Digital Images

‘Image’ shall mean digital images.

  • Digital images are required, no other media will be accepted.

  • Excellent quality of the images contributes to the effective selection of the pieces.

  • Have entire article in photograph including edges or frame.

  • Overall view should fill viewfinder and be taken straight on.

  • Eliminate background clutter.

  • Ensure that article is flat and the shape is not distorted.

  • Technique must be visible

  • All images must be clearly marked with TITLE of WORK and finished dimensions of the piece in centimeters, width and height.

  • TOP of the image must be clearly indicated.

  • There should be no modifications to the image including colour correction.

  • Wearables – garments should be on a model or mannequin not showing the face.

  • Entrants agree to allow their images to be used for promotional purposes. Visitors may take photos for personal and educational purposes during the shows.

  • Do not include your name on image.