2018 Climate Change Competition – List of Winners by Category

Best of Show    Where There’s Smoke… There’s Fire by Juanita Sauve                   

Viewers’ Choice    Spring Drought by Sabrina Capune

Felting – All Categories

2nd place and Best of Category      Wildfires: A Terrible Beauty by Juanita Sauve

3rd place                                          Mother Earth’s Loss by Samantha Gullekson

Hand Knitting

2nd place & Best of Category          All the Colours of the Rainbow by Madeleine Jensen-Fontaine

3rd place                                          Meghan’s Ostrich Race by Sheila Jones

Mixed Media

1st place & Best of Category            Forest Floor 2 by Sandra Hamilton

2nd place                                          Hidden Gems by Laurie Wiles

3rd place                                           Plant the Change in the Air You Breath by Geri Siebenga St Jean

Needlework – Original Design: Counted Techniques

2nd place                                          Beautiful Ugly Truth by Catherine Challenger

Needlework – Adaptation: Counted Techniques

2nd place                                          Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow by Susara Smuts

3rd place                                           For you Mum by Susara Smuts

Needlework – Original Design: Surface Embroidery

1st place & Best of Category             Fields of Gold by Monika Kinner-Whalen

2nd place                                           Hawaiian Sketch by Catherine Challenger

3rd place                                           Childhood in Rural Alberta by Linda Chapelsky

Other Fibres

2nd place & Best of Category          Canada 150  #2 by Sheila Harper

3rd place                                          Alberta’s Shield by Sheila Harper

Quilting – Original Design: Small Innovative

1st place & Best of Category            Where There’s Smoke… There’s Fire by Juanita Sauve

2nd place                                        #MeToo by Monika Kinner-Whalen

3rd place                                         The Big Melt: Now You See It, Now You Don’t by Janet Mireault

Quilting – Original Design: Medium Traditional

2nd place                                         Chevron by Deborah Giles

Quilting – Original Design: Medium Innovative

1st place                                          Wings of Change by Annette Maxfield

2nd place                                         Rising Waters, Sinking Cities, Gathering Storm by Yvonne Bilan-Wallace

3rd place                                          Power on Display by Cindi Plant

Rug Hooking – Original Design: Traditional

1st place & Best of Category           Sinking Like a Sunset by Toby Cote

1st place (tie)                                  The Vulnerable by Louise Jenkins

2nd place                                         After the Fire by Laurie Wiles

3rd place                                          Topographical Map of Juan de Fuca Trail by Jessica Facette

Rug Hooking – Adaptation: Traditional

1st place                                         To Rethink by Sandra Der

2nd place                                        Industrial Tangle by Laurie Wiles

3rd place                                         Puffins by Yvonne Klatt

Rug Hooking – Original Design: Innovative

2nd place                                        Solarpunk by Deborah Merriam

Rug Hooking – Adaptation: Innovative

2nd place                                        Moog by Sarah Hanzen

Soft Sculpture

1st place & Best of Category           Reversal of Fortune by Carol Drasak

2nd place                                        The Sea Ice is Melting by Dawn Rogel

Wearables – Adaptation: Accessories

1st place & Best of Category           Grab ‘Em by the Patriarchy by Deborah Merriam

2nd place                                        The Necessary Clutch Wallet by Sheila Jones

Wearables – Original Design: Garment

2nd place                                        Vision a Journey by Leila Olfert

3rd place                                         Winter Berries by Leni Balaban

Weaving/Tapestry – Original Design: Wearables

2nd place                                        Homage to Fibres by Elizabeth Holinaty

Weaving/Tapestry – Original Design: Household/Decorative

1st place & Best of Category           Split Custody by Vladimira Fillion-Wackenre

2nd place                                         Chillin by Karen King

3rd place                                          Bright Lights, Big City by Rachel Toporowski

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