Winners of the 2016 Competition and Show




FE16025 Tulips by Yvonne Wallace 23X23, 1A 

Class 1A –       2nd – Yvonne Wallace

FE16033 Canadian Sunset, by Carolyn Hunter 22x18.5, 1A,

Class 1A –       3rd – Carolyn Hunter

FE16044 East Coast of Canada by Vicki Robson 13x14 1A.JPG

Class 1A –       1st – Vicki Robson (Best of Category)






Mixed Media

 MM16022 Amazon Beauty by Heather Grover 16X16, 2A

Class 2A –       3rd – Heather Grower

MM 16034 Ripples in Time by Diane Duncan 40x29 2A

Class 2A –       2nd – Diane Duncan


Class 2A –       1st – Heather Grower (Best of Category)





Soft Sculpture

 3A SS16011When Housework Controlled the Weather by Lena Breijer 12x19.25x6.75 front

Class 3A –       1st – When Housework Controlled the Weather – Lena Breijer  (Best of Category)


Class 3A –       3rd – Carol Nyquist

3A SS16078 Many Lands by Stephanie London 17x15.5x8.5 1024x576

Class 3A –       2nd – Stephanie London







4A WE16014 Echoes of 1860 by Elizabeth Holinaty 24.5x86

Class 4A –       1st – Elizabeth Holinaty (Best of Category)

4B WE16002 My Edmonton by Bertha Pisarshuk 12x30,

Class 4B –       1st – Bertha Pisarshiuk

5A WE16015 The Fairytale of Prague by Vladimira F Wackenre 23.5 x 35,

Class 5A –       2nd – Viladimira F. Wackenre

5A WE16043 Bumper Crop by Karen King 21x34,

Class 5A –       1st – Karen King







Class 6A – 3rd – Brenda Raynard

6A NW16058 Hampton Court Palace by Catherine Challenger 18x16

Class 6A – 1st – Catherine Challenger

6A NW16075 Barberton Daisie by Susara J Smuts 21.5x21.5

Class 6A – 2nd – Susara J. Smuts

7A NW16012 Sampler Pillow by Elena Zabolotnii 16.5x16.5x2.25,

Class 7A – 1st – Elena Zabolotnii (Best of Category)


Class 7A – 1st – Elena Zabolotnii (Best of Category

7A NW16057 Bunnykins by Catherine Challenger 19.75x22.5

Class 7A – 2nd – Catherine Challenger


Class 7A – 3rd – Monika Kinner-Whalen

7B NW16007 Dorset Feather Stitch Apron by Stephanie Brand 26x24

Class 7B – 1st – Stephanie Brand



Traditional Rug Hooking

8A RH16030 Bucknam Bensons House at Seal Cove by Trish Johnson 31x26,

Class 8A –       1st – Trish Johnson (Toronto)

8A RH16047 My Family Tree by Janet McLean 26x19

Class 8A –       2nd – Janet McLean

8B RH16051 Goose Goose Fox by Louise Jenkins 40x24

Class 8B –        2nd – Louise Jenkins



Class 9A –       2nd – Toby Cote (SK)


Class 9A –       3rd – Toby Cote (SK)

9A RH16049 Baba And Beets by Cec Caswell 25x28

Class 9A –       1st – Cec Caswell (Best of Category)

9B RH16056 The Ranch by Karen Osatchuk 15x12

Class 9B –        2nd – Karen Osatchuk

9B RH16060 Baba & Friend-Very Nice Day by Suzanne Royale 26.5x26.5

Class 9B –        1st – Suzanne Royale




Quilting Winners.

10A QU16067 Well Worn Truth by Sharon Rubuliak 12x16

Class 10A –     1st – Sharon Rubuliak

10A QU16066 Well Worn Winter Evening,by Sharon Rubuliak 12.75x16.5

Class 10A –     1st – Sharon Rubuliak   tie  and  (Best of Category)

10A QU16069 Her Grace by Annette Maxfield 41 round

Class 10A –     2nd – Annette Maxfield


Class 10A –     3rd – Sandra Hamilton

10B QU16045 Reversed by Vicki Robson 13.25x13.25

Class 10B –      1st – Vicki Robson

11A QU16068 Glorious Prairie by Sharon Rubuliak 36x18

Class 11A –     1st – Sharon Rubuliak

11A QU16029 I Must Go Down to the Sea Again by Leah Gravells 50x31.75

Class 11A –     2nd – Leah Gravells

11B QU16052 Winter Heritage by Margeret Landon 27x36

Class 11B –      2nd – Margaret Landon




Hand Knitting

12A HK16053 Eliza Jane by Arlene Tomnuk 5.5x4.5 front 1024x765

Class 12A –     1st – Arlene Tomnuk (Best of Category)

12A HK16063 Heritage of Science by Madeline J Fontaine 8.5 in x 19

Class 12A –     3rd – Madeline J. Fontaine

12B HK16005 Gord's Gansey by Jeannie A Parker 19x24

Class 12B –      3rd – Jeannie A. Parker

12B HK16006 Catch a Falling Star by Shirley Evans 84x42,

Class 12B –      1st – Shirley Evans

13A HK16041 Sunrise-Sunset Front, by Armande Jones 8x8x15.5

Class 13A –     1st – Armande Jones


Textile Design


Class 14A –     1st – Karen King  (Best of Category)

14A TD16055 OpenTo Possibility by Donna Clemet 22x17x4,

Class 14A –     3rd – Donna Clement

14A TD16074 Pattern Bands by Deborah Livingston-Lowe, Peggy Sue, Deaven Smiltneikf 36x36 group

Class 14 A –    2nd – Deborah Livingston-Lowe/Peggy Sue Deaven-Smiltneiks



 15A WA16061 My Life by Sheila Jones, 25x17x2.5 front

Class 15A –     2nd – Sheila Jones

15A WA16071 Nanny's Garden by Annette Maxfield 15x69

Class 15A –     1st – Annette Maxwell

16A WA16016 Starry Night front,by Leni Balaban 24x48,

Class 16A –     2nd – Leni Balaban

16A WA16054 BeautyFound front By Donna Clement 17x26,

Class 16A –     1st – Donna Cement (Best of Category)

16A WA16073Cropped JacketFront by Deborah Livingston-Lowe & Peggy Sue Deaven-Smiltneikf 24x28size 8 group

Class 16A-      3rd – Deborah Livingston – Lowe/Peggy Sue Deaven-Smiltneiks




Best of Show

 7A NW16012 Sampler Pillow by Elena Zabolotnii 16.5x16.5x2.25,

Elena Zabolotnii – Sampler Pillow & Hippy Pillow


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