My Heritage Competition Winners

Best of Show – Elena Zabolotnii, Sampler Pillow


Class 1A –       1st – Vicki Robson (Best of Category – East Coast of Canada)
Class 1A –       2nd – Yvonne Wallace
Class 1A –       3rd – Carolyn Hunter

Mixed Media

Class 2A –       1st – Heather Grover (Best of Category – Algae)
Class 2A –       2nd – Diane Duncan
Class 2A –       3rd – Heather Grover

Soft Sculpture

Class 3A –       1st –  Lena Breijer (Best of Category – When Housework Controlled the Weather)
Class 3A –       2nd – Stephanie London
Class 3A –       3rd – Carol Nyquist


Class 4A –       1st – Elizabeth Holinaty (Best of Category – Echoes of 1860)
Class 4B –       1st – Bertha Pisarshiuk
Class 5A –        2nd – Viladimira F. Wackenre
Class 5A –        1st – Karen King


Class 6A –      1st – Catherine Challenger
Class 6A –      2nd – Susara J. Smuts
Class 6A –      3rd – Brenda Raynard
Class 7A –      1st – Elena Zabolotnii (Best of Category – Sampler Pillow)
Class 7A –      2nd – Catherine Challenger
Class 7A –      3rd – Monika Kinner-Whalen
Class 7B –      1st – Stephanie Brand

Traditional Rug Hooking

Class 8A –       1st – Trish Johnson
Class 8A –       2nd – Janet McLean
Class 8B –       2nd – Louise Jenkins
Class 9A –       1st – Cec Caswell (Best of Category – Baba and Beets)
Class 9A –       2nd – Toby Cote
Class 9A –       3rd – Toby Cote
Class 9B –       1st – Suzanne Royale
Class 9B –       2nd – Karen Osatchuk


Class 10A –     1st – Sharon Rubuliak  (Best of Category – Well Worn Truth / Well Worn – Winter Evening)
Class 10A –     2nd – Annette Maxfield
Class 10A –     3rd – Sandra Hamilton
Class 10B –     1st – Vicki Robson
Class 11A –     1st – Sharon Rubuliak
Class 11A –     2nd – Leah Gravells
Class 11B –     2nd – Margaret Landon

Hand Knitting

Class 12A –     1st – Arlene Tomnuk (Best of Category – Eliza Jane)
Class 12A –     3rd – Madeline J. Fontaine
Class 12B –     1st – Shirley Evans
Class 12B –     3rd – Jeannie A. Parker

Class 13A –     1st – Armande Jones

Textile Design

Class 14A –    1st – Karen King  (Best of Category – Freeform Yardage)
Class 14A –    2nd – Deborah Livingston-Lowe/Peggy Sue Deaven-Smiltneiks
Class 14A –    3rd – Donna Clement


Class 15A     1st – Annette Maxwell
Class 15A     2nd – Sheila Jones
Class 16A     1st – Donna Cement (Best of Category – Beauty Found)
Class 16A     2nd – Leni Balaban
Class 16A     3rd – Deborah Livingston – Lowe/Peggy Sue Deaven-Smiltneiks

My Heritage – Call for Entry

As a prelude to Canada’s upcoming 150th birthday, let us think of the diverse heritage that has brought our nation to this point in time.

Our heritage makes us who we are – the traditions and values of past generations blended with the influences of life today. Contributing factors can be as general as place, person or possessions and can be expanded to include physical artifacts, stories, celebrations, food, clothing and music – all part of what has been handed down for generations. All of these can be symbols of our culture while at the same time being specific to our family and our memories.

Our heritage is also influenced by the intangible attributes of a society which underpin its culture – the values that shaped its people. Nature plays a part in who we are: flora, fauna, landscape, natural resources and environment. Our heritage is further expanded as we travel and interact with friends and neighbours and become part of the celebrations of their cultures.

We are the recipients of a great multicultural inheritance of memories and objects — often in the form of fibre art. The aspect of your heritage that you chose to depict may be any one of these things or many of them brought together. This could be a great time for you to reminisce, recall and feel the emotions evoked by these memories.

Hopefully, you will be inspired to create a heritage piece for future generations.