Gallery 2020 Future in Focus

The winners of the 2020 Future in Focus competition are listed below. Photos will be added later in July.

Best of Show Unplug/Disconnect Cec Caswell
Best Needlework Autumn’s Glory Juanita Sauve
2nd Needlework Contemplation Juanita Sauve
Best Non-Woven Textiles 2020 on the Rocks Dianne Firth
Best Quilting Old Blue Pat Frayn
1st Quilting Traditional Old Blue Pat Frayn
2nd Quilting Traditional Down the Rabbit Hole Sandra Hamilton
1st Quilting Modern Eternal Recurrence Deborah Giles
2nd Quilting Modern Pipe Dreams: The Nightmare Judy Weiss
3rd Quilting Modern Correction Line Judy Weiss
1st Quilting Art Sailing Into the Sunset Janet Mireault
2nd Quilting Art The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow Juanita Sauve
3rd Quilting Art Working from the Cloud Janet Mireault
3rd Quilting Art Hope Amid the Chaos Sharon Rubuliak
Best Rug Hooking Unplug/Disconnect Cec Caswell
1st Rug Hooking Traditional Unplug/Disconnect Cec Caswell
2nd Rug Hooking Traditional Word from a Woman Who Knows Toby Cote
3rd Rug Hooking Traditional Hexagon Charms Laurie Wiles
1st Rug Hooking Innovative Bee Good Laurie Wiles
2nd Rug Hooking Innovative The Wing of the Falcon, Brings to The King Janet Dean
Best Sculptural Caows and Shapcho Madeleine Jensen-Fontaine
2nd Sculptural A Helping Hand Samantha Gullekson
3rd Sculptural On My Honor Darcy Hoover
Best Surface Design Racing with My Fearless Inner Child Yvonne Bilan-Wallace
2nd Surface Design Ocean in a Seashell Susara Smut
Best Weaving/Tapestry Birth Mother Jessica Fern Facette
2nd Weaving/Tapestry Sisters Alison Hurlburt
Best Coronavirus Content Hope Amid the Chaos Sharon Rubuliak