Kate Atherley

Custom Fit Sock-A-Long with Kate

Virtual Workshop, March 7, 14 & 28, 12 to 2 pm

Fee: $30 members  $60 non members


Join Kate for three sessions as she takes you through the process of designing your own custom-fit sock. In the first session we’ll determine proper size and fit, we’ll do the calculations for your yarn and feet, and get you started. In the second session, Kate will teach you an excellent and flexible heel turn, discuss reinforcement strategies, and provide good solutions for the sometimes-tricky gusset. In the third session, we’ll talk about different types of toes, how to finish up and care for your socks so they last as long as possible. We’ll also talk about how to and how to fine-tune the fit and further customize the sock.

Note: There will be homework between sessions. Some sock knitting experience required.

Sock yarn and needles are  required, materials and information sheet will be provided after registration fee is received.

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What is a virtual workshop?
Remote workshops are online meetings led by someone who teaches a new skill or technique to a group of participants using digital platforms and tools. The participants may either be in the same room or in separate physical spaces, but the person who leads the session is usually located elsewhere.