Moyozashi Sashiko Stitching – November 21, 2021

Kate Ward of Nova Scotia will help participants expand their knowledge of Japanese sashiko techniques and traditions.  Kate is an excellent teacher and has taught classes online to many students.   Read more about Kate at 

This workshop will be on Sunday November 21, 2021 from 9am – 4pm with a ½ hour break for lunch.

Registration for this workshop will open on Friday October 15, 2021 at noon. Registration is open to members only. Read more about FFAA membership.

Cost for this workshop is $20.00 and is not refundable unless the class is cancelled by FFAA. The workshop will be confirmed or cancelled on 6 November depending on registration numbers; registrants will be notified either way.

Workshop Description

Today we dive into the complexities of drawing moyozashi patterns from scratch using nothing but a ruler and some circle templates. We will discover how to break down complex patterns into easy step by step actions.

You will learn:

  • the secret to getting perfect stitches every time
  • the best method to stitch the designs
  • how to decipher any sashiko pattern and easily break it down into a number of easy steps
  • which designs work best for mending v’s embellishment
  • how to draw out complex patterns such as hexagon designs, hemp leaf patterns, circles and curves including the linked seven treasures and the ever popular waves.

This workshop is for you if you want to learn how to do it all yourself, without the need to buy expensive pre-printed fabrics, kits or stencils.

After taking the course you will be able to draw patterns directly onto cloth without the need to pre-printed fabrics. You will have the knowledge to look at complex patterns and understand how to stitch them yourself