xx Natalie Grambow August 2018 Workshops

Aug 22 - 24  Creative Atelier: Exploring your Inner Artist Workshop©

Workshop registration is open  


Please remember, if registering for both classes,  to indicate which class is your first choice. We hope to have as many people as possible enroll in a class. We will have a wait list for those wishing both classes, you will be notified within 30 days if you are able to attend both classes.

An Artist needs to create focus first – to help access inner, intuitive ideas, and his/her own creative process. Creating a personal art practice is one’s own journey into this process of harnessing spontaneous ideas and inspiration into creative design concepts. In this workshop, students will explore creativity in every sense: discovering how to develop an idea by being guided through the elements and principles of design as well as colour studies as they relate to visual art. These will provide a creative structure for the elaboration of their work and artistic practice as well as possibilities to deepen their complexities.

Natalie will offer exercises and studies incorporating creative visualization, writing, drawing, doodling and mark-making; students will also be guided by different prompts to create a “tool box” of inspiration, techniques, processes and knowledge to enable to let their creative juices come to light and flow out, to harness spontaneous ideas, and learn how to link all the different inspirations together to form a theme as part of the design process.

Approaches such as hand painting, block printing, image deconstruction and monoprinting, will be used as ways to develop content and composition on a variety of paper and fabric. Students will leave the workshop with new inspiration in their creative art journals as well as a series of small textile art pieces, which provide valuable sources for future project.

Supplies will be required, list will be provided upon registration. Workshop hours are 10 am – 4 pm.

Class fee for members $80, non members $225. Epayments can be sent to the Treasurer.

Aug 25 & 26  Colores: A Creative Atelier on Colour

Workshop registration is open


This workshop will explore the theory and understanding of how colours interact, their harmonies and symbolism, their effects and influences on us. Students will gain practical knowledge of developing colour palettes and the ability to observe their relationships. Natalie will take students through different colour studies and exercises, offering deepened explorations of colour values, chroma, gradations, tones, tints, shades, also offering tools and inspiration for students to develop their own colour language, journeying through the spirit of colour.  An investigation of various art materials such as fabric paints, watercolour paints, colour crayons, pre-dyed fabric, yarns, threads and fleece will be available for colour explorations and work on paper and cloth.

Supplies will be required, a list will be provided upon registration. Workshop hours are 10 am – 4 pm.

Class fee for members  $75, non members $200. Epayments can be sent to the Treasurer.


LOCATION for both workshops is ARTELIER 10007 80 Ave, Edmonton. The Paint Spot, as our sponsor, has generously offered a student discount to workshop participants.


About Natalie Grambow

Natalie has an extensive background in design, teaching, and textile arts. An accredited interior designer, she spent many years in Ottawa working within the architectural design field and teaching design theory. Natalie’s first deep exploration of textiles began during her visual arts/photography studies at the University of Ottawa, when she experimented with non-silver techniques of transferring photographic imagery onto cloth. She subsequently studied at the École d’Impression Textile à Montréal and later travelled to Asia and Latin America, where she spent six months learning to weave with local Mayan weavers in Guatemala. Shortly after completing the textile arts program at Capilano College in 2001, she was awarded the BC Craft Association’s Award of Excellence.

Natalie has exhibited her textile art installations in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, and on the Sunshine Coast. She has also developed a line of naturally dyed and printed fabrics and has been commissioned by such clients as the City of North Vancouver. Currently living in Roberts Creek, BC, she continues her art practice and studies from her studio.