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As a prelude to Canada’s upcoming 150th birthday, let us think of the diverse
heritage that has brought our nation to this point in time.

Our heritage makes us who we are – the traditions and values of past
generations blended with the influences of life today. Contributing factors
can be as general as place, person or possessions and can be expanded to
include physical artifacts, stories, celebrations, food, clothing and music – all
part of what has been handed down for generations. All of these can be symbols
of our culture while at the same time being specific to our family and our

Our heritage is also influenced by the intangible attributes of a society which
underpin its culture – the values that shaped its people. Nature plays a part in
who we are: flora, fauna, landscape, natural resources and environment. Our
heritage is further expanded as we travel and interact with friends and neighbours and become part of the celebrations of their cultures.

We are the recipients of a great multicultural inheritance of memories and objects — often in the form of fibre art. The aspect of your heritage that
you chose to depict may be any one of these things or many of them brought together. This could be a great time for you to reminisce, recall and feel the emotions evoked by these memories.

Hopefully, you will be inspired to create a heritage piece for future generations.